Sol-A Creators Program

Sol-A Creators Program

With deep passion for fostering community, collaboration, and innovation, Sol-A is thrilled to announce the launch of the Creators Program. Targeted at individual creators, teams, startups, and creative businesses, the program heralds a new era in the fusion of artificial intelligence, creativity, and productivity within the Sol-A platform.

Program Overview

  • The Creators Program is an early-stage initiative that grants access to the Sol-A platform to eligible creators, teams, and studios.

  • Our goal is to boost your creative success by providing you with the tools, resources, and community support you need to thrive.

  • The program will be rolled out in three waves, starting with invited creators and teams, followed by creators and teams who apply and meet the criteria, and finally, general waitlist users.

  • Participants in the program will have free access to different plans, including the Studio Plan for teams and the Plus Plan for individuals.

  • Each team will receive access for three users, with one on the Studio Plan and two on the Plus Plan.

  • The program grants access for one month, with the option to extend based on your contributions to the open-source community.

Access the Future of Creativity

This exciting initiative aims to build bridges between the creative minds and the technologically advanced resources of Sol-A.

Participants in the Creators Program will have the access to the Sol-A platform, streamlining their creative work, getting valuable insights, and delving deep into the intricacies of creativity blended with artificial intelligence.

  • The Sol-A platform is an innovative AI-driven productivity hub designed specifically for creatives, tech enthusiasts, and business professionals.

  • With the Creators Program, you'll have access to the full suite of Sol-A's key features, including:


A unified platform for managing tasks, generating content, and conducting research, both privately and collaboratively.

Custom Assistant

Your personal agent that acts as a secretary, legal advisor, media manager, and more, streamlining tasks and personalizing your interactions.

AI Shortcut Ecosystem

Over 100 AI Shortcuts to streamline your tasks, with the ability to create custom shortcuts tailored to your workflows.

Research Engine

An automated tool powered by Large Language Models for fast and comprehensive research, perfect for journalists, creators, and startup founders.

Speech Tool

Convert voice notes into text, providing analysis and summaries to accelerate content creation and project initiation.


Join a vibrant community of like-minded individuals, sharing projects, tools, and custom AI solutions, fostering open knowledge and innovation.

Program Expectations

  • As a participant in the Creators Program, we encourage you to make contributions to the open-source community, showcasing how you use the Sol-A platform for creativity and other useful cases.

  • These joint publications with Biolutions will not only contribute to the world but also help expand the program and grant you free access for an extended period.

Apply today and take the first step towards accelerating your creative success.

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Access Categories by Priority

  1. Invited Creators: A group of teams and creators invited to participate in the program.

  2. Applicants: Creators who have applied and meet our participation criteria.

  3. Waitlist: Creators who have joined our waitlist and will be granted access as the program expands.

The Sol-A Creators Program is an opportunity to be part of the development of our platform. We look forward to your contributions and to seeing the work you will create with Sol-A.


Sol-A © 2024 Biolutions Inc.


Sol-A © 2024 Biolutions Inc.