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This research paper aims to comprehensively investigate the environmental impact of vaping, focusing on the disposal and lifecycle of vape products. The study includes five main research objectives. Firstly, the impact of discarded vape products on landfills is assessed to determine the potential harm to soil and the overall waste management system. Secondly, the effects of vape waste on water systems are evaluated, examining the potential pollution of water sources and the ecological consequences. Thirdly, the carbon footprint of vape production is quantified to understand the environmental consequences of manufacturing these products. Fourthly, the lifecycle of single-use e-cigarettes is analyzed to identify the stages that contribute the most to environmental degradation. Lastly, the recyclability of vaping devices is investigated to determine their potential for reducing waste through recycling initiatives. Overall, this research aims to provide valuable insights into the environmental implications of vaping and support sustainable practices within the industry.

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