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This paper aims to explore the vibrant and influential genre of Afro-Funk in the 1980s through five specific research objectives. Firstly, the study seeks to identify the key Afro-Funk artists of the 80s, shedding light on the individuals who played a pivotal role in shaping this musical movement. Secondly, the socio-political impact of Afro-Funk in the 80s will be analyzed, delving into how this genre served as a medium for cultural expression and social commentary during a time of political change and activism. Furthermore, the research will focus on the evolution of Afro-Funk sound in the 80s, examining the musical elements and innovations that contributed to its distinctive character. Additionally, the paper will assess the global reach of 80s Afro-Funk, investigating how this genre crossed borders and influenced music scenes around the world. Finally, the study aims to document the legacy and revival of 80s Afro-Funk, exploring its lasting impact on subsequent generations of musicians and its recent resurgence in popularity. By pursuing these research objectives, this paper seeks to deepen our understanding of Afro-Funk in the 1980s and its significant cultural and musical contributions.

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