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This research paper aims to provide a comprehensive understanding of large-scale cash thefts by addressing five key research objectives. Firstly, the paper aims to identify the largest cash thefts in order to establish the scale and extent of this criminal activity. Secondly, it seeks to profile notorious robbers involved in these thefts in order to discern patterns, motives, and characteristics that may be unique to this group. Thirdly, the paper aims to analyze security failures that allowed these thefts to occur, with the objective of identifying common vulnerabilities and weaknesses in existing security systems. Additionally, the research aims to assess the impact of these cash thefts on the victims, exploring the short-term and long-term consequences for individuals and businesses affected by these crimes. Lastly, the paper seeks to study the response of law enforcement agencies to these cash thefts, including their investigative methodologies, challenges faced, and the effectiveness of their efforts. Overall, this research paper aims to contribute to the field by providing a comprehensive understanding of large-scale cash thefts, enabling the development of more effective preventive measures and response strategies to combat this form of criminal activity.

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